Vertical Shift

bigblockcollageflat“Vertical Shift” -Fall Semester – 2010

A brief explanation of the master planning project designed for Philadelphia: A dissolution of activity occurs at the Schuylkill river. It is believed that this developed due to the initial “roughness” of the portion of the Schuylkill near Philadelphia’s urban heart, which lead to the growth of numerous infrastructure and industry related development. The heavy industrial elements created a knotted and harsh environment, uneasily navigated or crossed by normal pedestrian traffic. My goal was to propose a way to bridge and mend this area of the Schuylkill river, bringing pedestrian activity and linking University City to Philadelphia’s urban center. This was achieved through an “island-hopping” assemblage of buildings and what I termed, “reverse skyscrapering”, allowing pedestrians on foot to more easily bypass and “untie” the infrastructural knots at the Schuylkill.

(Warning: Although I like the following presentation package, it is absolutely riddled with misspelled words. Sorry… end of the semester delirium. I’ll get around to editing it one day).


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